Version 3 – Workflow Changes

The archiving script needs to be redone or fixed. After taking a closer look I noticed quite a few profiles were not being archived and transferred so this week required some manual work when organizing archives into the corresponding groups. TikTok profiles have been downloaded but still need to be added. That should be coming in the next release.


Torrent Size: 305GB

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  1. Niji no Fantasista
  2. TIP Photosessions


  1. Find out if gallery-dl can append posting date to files like ripme does.
  2. Add already downloaded TikTok profiles to the archiving script and merge with other files. TikTok files have been been transferred but files need to be consolidated from scrapes ran on other computers with the ones currently running. Youtube-dl is no longer supporting any fixes to the TikTok extractor so there will most likely be duplicates since switching tools to download TikTok videos.
  3. Organize miscellaneous profiles and include those in the batch. This one will have to be worked on over time as I want to organize each profile in their respective group. I also need to consolidate these profiles saved with ripme with the files currently scraped with gallery-dl.
  4. Remove archived profiles from script as profiles no longer exist. Some profiles have been archived but I still need to remove from the lists and archiving script.

Next idols

  1. Devil Anthem