Version 4 – Tiktok added

The initial release of tiktok was added to this release. The tool being used is unable to scrape accounts with generic tiktok generated usernames so those will be added when the tool is fixed or users add a username. Many of the profiles were scraped with youtube-dl when it supported tiktok. Those videos still need to be added.


Torrent Size: 310GB

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:adac58b14c6e83cccc16322c44ee0b02ce423900&dn=Idol-Archive&


  1. Devil Anthem
  2. TikTok Profiles


  1. Find out if gallery-dl can append posting date to files like ripme does.
  2. Add old tiktok videos scraped with youtube-dl.
  3. Organize miscellaneous profiles and include those in the batch. This one will have to be worked on over time as I want to organize each profile in their respective group. I also need to consolidate these profiles saved with ripme with the files currently scraped with gallery-dl.

Next idols

  1. Oh! My Kitty
  2. Si4/Si Stella
  3. Metropolis