Version 5 – Cheerz added and improved workflow profiles are now added to the archive. A downloader has been made allowing for easy scraping directly on the seedbox.

This update comes a few weeks late but the project was becoming too manual so needed to make time to fix my workflow. The original script being used to scrape and move files on the seedbox was poorly written and inefficient. My goal is to do as little manual intervention as possible with these archives. Future archives should run automatically while scraping profiles, packing into 7z archives, transferring to the correct artist directories, and staging for the final torrent. Apart from some of the organization I've been putting off with old archives, the only manual work now is maintaining the profile lists for deleted or renamed accounts.

Now that most of this process is automatic I'll have more time to focus on the to-dos. I've made some progress with #2 on the todo list but still need to finish merging tiktok videos. A list of hundreds of profiles was posted at and a lot of those idols are unknown to me for #3 in the to-do list. They'll most likely stay unorganized due to lack of time but I do want to make sure I'm not archiving duplicates between my list and the one from littleidols.


Torrent Size: 326GB

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:04274fff45f26cf4eca748d0cc058ef269ee3814&dn=Idol-Archive&


  1. Metropolis
  2. Crayons
  3. Whiterabbits


  1. Find out if gallery-dl can append posting date to files like ripme does.
  2. Add old tiktok videos scraped with youtube-dl.
  3. Organize miscellaneous profiles and include those in the batch. This one will have to be worked on over time as I want to organize each profile in their respective group. I also need to consolidate these profiles saved with ripme with the files currently scraped with gallery-dl.

Next idols

  1. Oh! My Kitty
  2. Si4/Si Stella
  3. JumpingKiss