Idol Heaven


2019 was another wonderful year for immersion into jpop groups. The groups from my favorites post are still the same and some additions through the year are Tokyo Girls' Style, Rising/Zero-IV, Pastel Candy.


This is a list of some of my favorite idol groups. There are many more that could be listed but these are the top groups I follow in terms of social media and merchandise purchases. Website, Youtube, and Twitter accounts for each group are included with this page.

Tsuri Bit Website | Youtube | Twitter – Official | Natsuki | Sakura | Aya | Mizuki | Ayu Tsuri Bit


Youtube-dlg is a gui tool that utilizes youtube-dl. Here are some simple steps for installing and using youtube-dlg for downloading videos from various sites.


A list of tools used to archive idol groups

ripme github Used for twitter archives

youtube-dl github Used for youtube and tiktok

webrecorder Used for twitter warc files

grab-site github Used to grab copies of original websites

This blog will contain information for ongoing Idol archiving.