Installing and Using Youtube-dlg

Youtube-dlg is a gui tool that utilizes youtube-dl. Here are some simple steps for installing and using youtube-dlg for downloading videos from various sites.

1 – Head over to the projects github releases page. Download the latest setup zip.

2 – Extract the zip and open the application. Follow the prompts to finish the setup. This will automatically install everything needed to run the program. If you ran the program after installation you should see this:

youtube-dlg interface

3 – Paste a video link into the top text box. The program also gives an option to save videos in a specific location. Once this is setup press “Add” to queue the video. Finally, press the download button in the lower right of the gui to start downloading the video. Save location, add button, and download button are circled in red in the following screenshot.

youtube-dlg options

Once completed you should have your favorite online videos in the highest quality. Enjoy

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